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Friday, May 16, 2014

Why do they want us to kill off the free apps offering?

I have several dreams, one of them is to offer FREE premium apps to everyone, this is the ideal pricing strategy for the users won’t you agree?

So why does the Internet industry wants us to pay for apps instead of offering them for free? Personally, I want more choices, more FREE MAC OSX apps and I'm doing everything I can in order to provide us all with great apps for free!

Software developers needs to find the Holy Grail, Freemium apps helped create those million dollars per day apps and Premium apps has very limited use today.
So what is the dominant pricing model? Freemium now accounts for 71% of Apple AppStore revenues in the US. 

As the owner and the CEO of an innovative technology company, I can assure you I that I do understand the responsibilities of paying the company bills and mapping out the company’s future but as a user I would like to have the freedom of choice; Freemium vs. Premium!

We invested $5M to develop the best personal assistant software I could have imagined, based on a smart machine-learning algorithm. This technology is capable of generating personalized news feeds for every single person on earth. And better yet – keep the user's privacy secured.   

We won the best productivity tool award by PCMagazine editors and for a significant period of time we were heroes in the digital world. 

We worked exceptionally hard to build Genieo to help people just like you and me easily stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the online world 

We have several patents in addition to highly creative people in our company – a fact that I’m particularly proud of.

When the company turned three years old, we knew it was time for it to function as a grown-up company. Genieo needed to stand on its own feet without the need to raise more founds for the purposes of building the personalization news recommendation engine that actually works.

You need to understand the Internet market to understand where we were positioned.
We were a young technology company that deal the overload of information, we didn't believe that people needs to pay for quality products, we strongly believed in the freedom of information for everyone! 
So instead of selling our app in the Apple AppStore we choose to become an online company, that generates revenues from Ads and search providers such as Google, Microsoft or Yahoo search feed.

To be honest, there are very few good apps in the software download arena that respect user's privacy and the online industry policies regarding how to distribute software, Here at Genieo, we are working very hard to monitor our affiliate partners, to earn our user's trust and to become a trustworthy company while still offer free apps.

Years went by and we become a highly successful company with millions of loyal users that love our software. 

As such, many small companies (sometimes not even companies, but users that have a web site) promote their removal scripts (tools) by calling us Adware sometimes even a Malware or a virus to convince people like you that it's very hard to remove Genieo (which is BTW, a normal uninstall process).

It’s really easy to remove unwanted software from your Mac or your Windows PC. The task is uncomplicated and this is true even for our Genieo software. To facilitate and expedite this process, I’ve even added a Link to an automatic script/tool so if someone missed it, here it is.

If you dig a little deeper you will see that none of the trusted and well-known Anti-Virus software providers flagged us as a virus, malware or a Trojan. Have you ever considered why that is the case?

We never install ourselves or set the user's search bar without having the user explicitly agree to that. We never inject any code into our software, no back doors, no Ad injections.... nothing of the sort.

Most of traffic comes from Ad Networks, Google Adwords and organic Mac traffic from legit software sources. 

 Genieo is a helpful, aggregated personalized news feed; we add 3 display ads in our dynamic free content page, just like CNN, Yahoo, Fox News, USAToday and any other online newspaper. 

We never hijacks the web browser's start page, in fact Genieo is a personalized Startpage, this is precisely the benefit of using our service, so when user installs Genieo we notify him that his start page settings are about to change and we will change the settings only if we have user’s pre-approval. 
Although it is fair to assume that when a user chooses to install a startpage that user can assume he/she will receive a startpage. It’s a logical conclusion that can be drawn from adopting Genieo software.

Genieo features as free software, and it serves 3rd party search feeds. And yes if you recall my statement at the beginning of this post, I am in favor of more and more free apps. As a free software provider we generate our income based on Google, Bing or Yahoo search feeds.

We never do "Contextual Advertising" in the search results as suggested in the article, never revise the search page and nothing will be sent back to Genieo servers except the number of queries users entered. Note that we do not access any information about the nature of the queries.

Genieo does not use plugins or add-ons; it’s client-based software with unique technology that is highly beneficial to users. It is perplexing to me why Derry London  - a USAtoday writer - didn't look for his own truth and try to run even a small check such as install/uninstall our software by himself. I do however suspect that his real motivation for having written an unfair and biased review was the promotion of another removal script.  

Now, my question to you is as follows:  Why would you trust a company that throws dirt on others for the purposes of self-promotion and self-aggrandizement?  Why would you trust a script that tries to monitor what others are doing instead of using the software provider’s original tool?

For 15 years of my professional career I was a chief security strategist. I worked for Microsoft corporation for several years and wrote 3 books about information security and privacy, I helped the FBI, IDF, banks and governments to protect citizens and organizations from hackers and cyber-attacks. 

I am acutely familiar with security experts that try to sow fear in order to sell purported "security" tools. 

I personally suggest that Catalin Cosoi, chief security strategist at Bitdefender, should try to promote his removal scripts in a way that doesn’t slander other people, software or companies. I’m sure he can come up with a better and more creative way to deliver business to Bitdefender. Integrity is at the heart of all good business and it is my sincere wish that Catalin Cosoi adopts such practices. 

We have very loyal users, and we are doing our best to become better and better every day. We are a dynamic company and we continually learn from our users’ feedback.

I know it's all too easy nowadays to Google this or that; the Google search engine has become our guru, but sometimes we need to dig a little deeper to discover the real truth. That is my suggestion to everyone who is reading this post: look for your own truth about Genieo – you’ll be well pleased with what you find!

** I wonder how much Bitware paid the USAToday writer to write the long advertisement for them; I’m willing to pay 10 times more to tell the truth about

Thanks for reading this.
Sol T.
Founder & CEO


Anonymous said...

This is utter crap, your application was installed without my express agreement while the uninstall application only installed more crap.

If third parties are hijacking your platform, then I suggest you start over and kill off Geneio and ensure 2.0 doesn't fall victim to the same scam!

This is my first and only bad mac app experience and is the reason why I left the windows universe!

andy said...

Maybe if you didn't use those trick buttons on download sites so people download your app instead of the one they wanted, people wouldn't assume you were a scam merchant?

Anonymous said...

LOL if you really want people to trust you, why not just make genieo open source so it's less of a pain to see what it does. Oh wait, it's in java. It practically is open source :D

So let's see if anything here looks suspiciously named: (yes, you are tracking searches, Facebook posts/friends, twitter actions, etc)

And the source reveals some even more disturbing things: (download zipped decompiled java source)

Although I have to admit, the code injection parts of genieo are pretty damn impressive. Why don't you develop something that's not creepy sleazy privacy-invading malware?

Anonymous said...

In the and pastebin links in my original comment were broken because of the all caps. here they are again:

Anonymous said...

Another Problematic Softonic Installer Brings Adware
Posted on May 23rd, 2013 by Lysa Myers

You may recall that Softonic recently drew much ire for a short-lived but troubling installation package that surreptitiously delivered adware to people trying to install two popular applications - UnRarX and VLC. It looks like they're at it again.

A recent blog post on The Safe Mac drew our attention to a report of a fake Flash alert that led to a fake installer download. At the time of the report, the fake alert detected OS X browsers and delivered a Genieo installation disk image:

InstallGenieo.dmg (SHA256 44eae526f3ec2dd071cec4a1ff0d25bc8209a040739e62a0588dfabce476f1d6)

Fuck for those companies... it is crap...

Anonymous said...

<< mail from Softonic´s >>

my name is Ezequiel Galli and I am Softonic´s Social Media Manager

At Softonic, user security is a major concern and we will not partner with anyone who does not
think the same way.

We can confirm that we did an internal test
with Genieo, but this was never tested live on our site.

Furthermore, we have no contract signed or any agreement with Genieo and there´s no plan to
release an installer with them currently.

By mistake, they have left the word "Softonic" in their code but this is not a Softonic Installer.

Anonymous said...

Is this the douchebag company that is proliferating spam adware on Macs?

Congratulations on wasting another 10 million user's time for your own self serving purposes!

What do sleezy adware producers tell their kids at the evening dinner table that they do for a living? Hey kids, Guess what mon/dad did today. I wasted 10 minutes of 10 million people's time because i was too lazy to find a real job, one that was productive. It's just easier for me to make a dishonest living!

Spammers and creepy adware profilerators...the high tech scourge of today's society!

Do something helpful and productive for a living please.

Anonymous said...


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