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Friday, December 21, 2012


3 Worthy Alternatives to iGoogle For Personalized Homepages

If you're anything like us, your browser's homepage has remained set to since-well, long enough you probably don't remember using anything else, well, at least till I founded

For those of you who are not sure what a home page or start page is, the page that pops up when you start your browser is your home/start page.

Some of you like to be more productive while they are browsing the web, so instead of using a blank Google search page they do prefer a smart and easy way to catch up with their online life.

My personal favorites and the one I highly recommend is it's for the first time I can really enjoy a great personalization technology provides as many different sources of information based on my browsing behaviors and publish material for other people to see. However, if you'd like to try some alternatives, here they are:



The U browser is a new web browser that lets you do more while you browse. It is based on the Chromium open-source project, which means it gives you very fast, very safe browsing.  

That means you don’t have to click away from the site you’re surfing to chat with friends, read Tweets, update your Facebook status, or watch your favorite videos. Just do all that on the U browser’s sidebar or chat windows, while you continue to surf on the main screen.



A tiny desktop application that generates the first start page using your past browsing history and site preferences as a stepping stone. Genieo is on auto-pilot, is great for the guy who doesn’t have the patience to sit and manually configure a start page on his own.  

After the installation process your personal homepage will appear in your browser, and the fun begins. You will discover several topics based on your interested in and several sites that you read most often. In addition, it listed the sites that typically provide the best content on your preferred topics, friends' birthdays from Facebook and mentions of your favorite topics from Twitter.


Genieo is worth a place in the browser. It allows for setting up an easy, fast, and secure personal start page.


Every time you visit Lumi you'll see a fresh selection of suggested web pages based on your visit data. Lumi’s concept is very similar to Genieo. New pages will be displayed in real time and stay relevant based on the visit data you are recording with the Lumi chrome extension. To make Lumi work best you should install the extension that allows you to record your visit data to let Lumi know what you are interested in.


It also makes starring pages simple. Personally, I chose Genieo as my homepage as it brings better results based on all my internet activities and keep my privacy. Well, there are few more reasons you should already know by now…

Friday, December 14, 2012


News Summarizing Best Desktop Application

Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer eyes looking for the best news summarizing application, what is she missing? Us! 

You are frustrated with all the news aggregators and apps that promise you to summarize the web for you? This way or another you find yourself overload with too much information. Marissa Mayer gets that, this is why she is looking everywhere for the best personalization technology, most promising apps that you’ll actually use to catch up with your online life.


A Personalized Newspaper Styled Homepage: Cutting the Web Down to Size.
We are interested in a service that learns our preferred topics, trusted sources and how we find and read information on the web. Genieo presents you with content you're certain to like, without any scripting or filtering from you, the user.

What you can also find interesting about Genieo is that it has this tendency to pull in stories from sites that you might not have otherwise visited. While there are stories presently showing from your favorite sources, there are some great content pop in from other sites that you’ve never been to, as well. Oh, and if something pops up that you don’t like, you can flag it as not interesting or remove the feed from the specific site entirely.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


How To Monetize Your Organic Mac Traffic

So, you have a cool product for PC users and thousands of consumers visiting your site every day? this is great! Did you ever checked the numbers of your organic Mac OS users visiting your web site every day? Open Google Analytics and check the traffic volume, I bet the numbers are between 6% and 15%. Hey, that’s not that bad! If you could only convert those users to dollars that could be a nice move.

Well, think for a second, if you had a store and hundreds of passers were looking on your display-window, would you send them back home with an empty hands? you would never do that!


So, What Should You Do?

You don’t need to develop a mac version of your product, it’s not worth your time, the traffic isn’t that huge but still, why not make money out of it?
Here is the deal, from tomorrow morning you are going to offer your organic mac users the coolest Mac software out there! a “personalized newspaper styled homepage” and if you like, you can add your brand name on it (



A real valuable product for your small mac community, years of in depth technology instead of another toolbar as a lame excuse to control the user’s homepage. With zero efforts, zero investment and great user’s Life Time Value (LTV) you will have a sticky startpage to help your users catch up with their online life.

Contact us ( and add Genieo Mac startpage to monetize all your organic mac traffic!

Because Thinking Out Of The Box Is A Way of Living For You.

Friday, November 23, 2012


iGoogle alternative: Genieo - A personalized newspaper styled homepage

 On July 3rd, 2012 Google CEO Larry announced that on November 1st, 2013 Google will pull the plug on iGoogle.  However since Google has not announced any plans to offer an alternative that leaves people scanning the internet for iGoogle alternatives.

The question is where should you hang your homepage hat? What should be the first thing that appears when you open your browser and start catching up with your online life?
If you're a news junkie but you don't tend to look at RSS feeds cause you know how impossible it is to catch up with long list of sources, If you like to scan news headlines, but you don’t want to read everything out there, then you can't go wrong with Genieo, a personalized newspaper styled homepage, which brings you the latest stories based on a smart behavior analysis engine. 
I’m using it for everything from monitoring my favorite blogs and news sites to tracking hot stories and catching up with my friends on Facebook and follow great people on Twitter. You don't need to open an account with in order to take advantage of our great services.

Download Genieo Homepage
Best Benefit, without the need to preconfigure anything:
1.      Easy to use – Simply download and run Genieo
2.      Get the top news headlines from your favorite news sites
3.     Filter interesting posts from your Facebook and Twitter friends
4.     Monitor sites you visited and track items you’ll find interesting
5.     Get notification on live events such as football match scores etc
6.     Stay posted with your loved ones’ Birthdays and special days
7.     Access your personal newspaper anywhere with your iPad, iPhone,
  Android or with any of your favorite RSS reader