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Saturday, January 15, 2011

What are some good strategies for dealing with information overload?

Usually, when people mention information overload, they think of smart filtering of their news stream based on their own behavior.
I agree, this is a great step moving forward to a full personalization concept, but filtering alone won’t give me the magical experience I personally looking
for when I’m looking for a better way to catch up with my online world.

Filtering is only one approach dealing with information overload (and a good one!). I must agree with Robert Scoble note:

It's not that I'm overloaded. It's that to get to the things that make my life magical I have to swim through a ton of crap.” 

It’s not a media tsunami of content, It’s not even a matter of quality, but also duplication of same content from different great sources. 

Once I use to subscribe to many RSS feeds, now days I think twice before I do. I use to follow lots of people on Twitter, now I think before I do.
When dealing with the quality and quantity of information, when good content is everywhere, the question “will RSS feeds live or die?” is writing is on the wall.
RSS aggregator usage has slowed significantly, although the value users gain from it is significant.
I believe that RSS usage will increase dramatically, but in a different way than

At Genieo ( we built a personalized aggregation tool that not only filter news stream for you but also automatically discover and manage RSS feeds based on your own behavior.
Why should I think before I add RSS feeds? I would love to have a tool that will automatically discover feeds based on my browsing habits and will add them to my RSS reader while it filter posts based on my dynamic and changing interest. If some of those feeds didn’t match my interest for a while, how great it could be if a smart assistance will automatically opt me out of those feed.

Example of a day to day scenario from my life:
I open Quora, and find an interesting question. Without doing a thing (I don’t even need to follow this great question on Quora) Genieo (product) will automatically find the RSS feed of the topic/user related to that question and will start following it and it’s topic for me. When it find a relevant answer, Genieo will pull it out and bring it directly to my RSS reader, fully automatic without lifting a

So, it’s not that I’m overloaded with information, I only look for a better way to
consume all this great data without working so hard to catch up with my Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, news, videos and cool stuff I find on the web.

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