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Monday, January 10, 2011

How do you filter out noise on Quora

I use Genieo as a recommendation engine to filter Quora's topics, in order to see them directly on Genieo homepage.

When I follow new topic on Ouora , or even when I only read a question or an answer on Quora, Genieo automatically discover the RSS feed related to that question, also to the best questions RSS feed on each topic. Then Genieo automatically opt me in to that feeds withought any spefific user inputs or manual pre-configuration.
Based on my interest Genieo filter and promote Quora post on my personalized homepage.

Genieo also, automatically discover and subscribe to the RSS feed of each users I follow on Quora and filter his post based on my interest.

The cool thing is that Genieo knows when to opt me out from specific feed (user or topic) based on its behavioral algorithm

See an example from my feed. 

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Automatic Feed Management 


I thought you will find this input useful.