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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


What essential skills do startup founders generally lack?

Talent is most of all about faith, will power, practice and a hard work.
So yes, one can live up to his dreams by having strong faith, powerful will and
diligence. I keep reminding myself that every light, bright or faint, begins with a spark of the freedom of dreamingand the courage to believe. That is the difference between the creator and his opposite, the

Insight and instincts - your guides on the journey Whenever I felt I had a good idea, I used to go to people I admire and consult them upon it, in hope to get some kind of approval to my insane concepts. 100% of the time, the feedback I got was that it's impossible to technically do, impossible to monetize, impossible to raise the money for it... So what was it that made my friends tell me my ideas were impossible? Was it me? Maybe I failed to communicate my thoughts properly? Or was it a matter of bad timing?
In fact, throughout the years I began to realize that many of my ideas involved instincts, instincts that kicked so strong and became in away part of reality - a reality I saw but others sometimes did not.

Your peers can never be a good starting point. They are working for all those great corporations, and are imprisoned within this false transparent wall which prevents their minds from roaming free. Your peers can become innovators, they can be creative, they can posses a great variety of skills, and they can be very willing - But they too often will lack faith.
But don't get me wrong, I do think that one should seek other people's opinion, learn from it, embrace good advice as one lives through this journey. However, one should never lose his faith and should always listen to his inner voice and let
himself be guided by it.

keep our eyes wide open and move very consciously step by step, from one point to the next; most of the time, the idea we've started with will become something else along this journey; a product may turn out to be quite different from the one we've thought of at the beginning; we may come across a
different methodology of solving the problems we set out to solve. 

So let the world surprise you, let people around you become creative and innovative, let them grow and spread with the seeds you plant. It will make the things you yourself do even better.

Convincing others - Being a humble CEO
For many years I loved working for Microsoft, I loved the people around me and I loved dealing with great challenges. Too often I found myself frustrated and thinking: "Oh well, when I have my own company I'll be the one making the decisions, and I'll lead all my people to the Promised Land, in my own way."
Years went by, and ironically I must admit, I've learned that in order to be
a good leader one has to sometimes let other people lead

If you choose to work with great and smart people, you must allow
them the freedom of choice
; otherwise you will only find yourself building
another corporation, with people taking forever to convince you and each other
before actually beginning to build the product.
Startup companies do not have this time to waste, and as the leader of such a company you must hire great and creative people, and make sure you allow them the space and freedom to spread their wings and take you up.

Raising Money
It took me a while to understand that it is not the idea I'm selling in order to raise money, but it is rather me and my skills. When you go around raising money do
not fix yourself only on the idea or on its potential. Investors are after
the full package, they are looking for the right people who can make it
happen and which increases their chance of success

I never spend extra money on a business class ticket when I travel around the world, I never buy fancy stuff to make me feel like a successful CEO, but I do try to spend a fair amount of money on my employees. This is the wisest investment I can make with my investors' money.

Find your partner
Never start a company by yourself. A great partnership and collaboration will always prove more beneficial than anything you can do on your own. 
The greatest challenge when starting up a new company is finding the right partner. A person to walk with you all the way.
You must find the person who will complete you, fill in your weak spots, encourage you when you lose faith -- a person with whom you can share all your intimate thoughts on your path to success. It may be hard to do but you'd better find that great partner for this journey.

Remember that you are not defined by what you do or don't do, or by what you achieve or do not achieve. You are the reflection of the strength of your faith, and of the power of your will and diligence. This is what makes you who you are and it all has to do with the freedom you give your mind. You are the dreams you dare to dream

Never save the best for last
Don’t ever write long answers, no one actually read it. You may lose the opportunity to mention your company brand, BTW, it's Genieo (product)
Remember, It’s all about Messaging and Marketing! Marketing! Marketing! ;-)

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Saturday, January 15, 2011


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What are some good strategies for dealing with information overload?

Usually, when people mention information overload, they think of smart filtering of their news stream based on their own behavior.
I agree, this is a great step moving forward to a full personalization concept, but filtering alone won’t give me the magical experience I personally looking
for when I’m looking for a better way to catch up with my online world.

Filtering is only one approach dealing with information overload (and a good one!). I must agree with Robert Scoble note:

It's not that I'm overloaded. It's that to get to the things that make my life magical I have to swim through a ton of crap.” 

It’s not a media tsunami of content, It’s not even a matter of quality, but also duplication of same content from different great sources. 

Once I use to subscribe to many RSS feeds, now days I think twice before I do. I use to follow lots of people on Twitter, now I think before I do.
When dealing with the quality and quantity of information, when good content is everywhere, the question “will RSS feeds live or die?” is writing is on the wall.
RSS aggregator usage has slowed significantly, although the value users gain from it is significant.
I believe that RSS usage will increase dramatically, but in a different way than

At Genieo ( we built a personalized aggregation tool that not only filter news stream for you but also automatically discover and manage RSS feeds based on your own behavior.
Why should I think before I add RSS feeds? I would love to have a tool that will automatically discover feeds based on my browsing habits and will add them to my RSS reader while it filter posts based on my dynamic and changing interest. If some of those feeds didn’t match my interest for a while, how great it could be if a smart assistance will automatically opt me out of those feed.

Example of a day to day scenario from my life:
I open Quora, and find an interesting question. Without doing a thing (I don’t even need to follow this great question on Quora) Genieo (product) will automatically find the RSS feed of the topic/user related to that question and will start following it and it’s topic for me. When it find a relevant answer, Genieo will pull it out and bring it directly to my RSS reader, fully automatic without lifting a

So, it’s not that I’m overloaded with information, I only look for a better way to
consume all this great data without working so hard to catch up with my Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, news, videos and cool stuff I find on the web.

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Monday, January 10, 2011


How do you filter out noise on Quora

I use Genieo as a recommendation engine to filter Quora's topics, in order to see them directly on Genieo homepage.

When I follow new topic on Ouora , or even when I only read a question or an answer on Quora, Genieo automatically discover the RSS feed related to that question, also to the best questions RSS feed on each topic. Then Genieo automatically opt me in to that feeds withought any spefific user inputs or manual pre-configuration.
Based on my interest Genieo filter and promote Quora post on my personalized homepage.

Genieo also, automatically discover and subscribe to the RSS feed of each users I follow on Quora and filter his post based on my interest.

The cool thing is that Genieo knows when to opt me out from specific feed (user or topic) based on its behavioral algorithm

See an example from my feed. 

My Genieo Homepage


Feeds Setting


Automatic Feed Management 


I thought you will find this input useful.


Friday, January 7, 2011


In the digital age, to be human at any level has changed?

Philosophy of technology

The Web ecosystem places the individual's mind directly onto the human stage and now all individuals can collaborate, their private thoughts entering into the space of digital humanity. And now we can observe the behavioral madness that has always existed around us.
Our mind is our private domain. Sometimes we rule and hold the scepter; sometimes we are the slaves of our own mind's creation. Whatever may be the case, the thoughts that we care about the most are almost always with us. We have "privileged access" to the contents of our minds.

Web 2.0 procreate bloggers and more content on the wire, people shared their opinion, emotion, thoughts, we created haven for psychologists that used to only seen a glimpse of humanity; but now they can play in the sands of our minds throughout digital space. Nothing is virtual anymore. What was virtual has become part of our reality; part of who we are.
Social Networks has started a new revolution. Within a fraction of a second, everyone can reach out to many other minds in real time. On the digital stage in view of an online audience, we can create life and act our role. The pieces or parts of minds create the power of many and the net defeat history and can save our tracks forever.
But what’s next? We all want to be heard but do we really have something to say? I ask myself how often I retweet something I see, how often I Like and share vs. really spread my own ideas and perspectives? Does it really matter? how come most of us just increasing the noise, generate buzz and follow the flock as sheep instead of walk free as a wolf. Do we all just turned into lazy monkeys imitate other people in the wild web zoo 2.0 in order to feel our existence, to feel alive?
This is why I like Quora, unlike Twitter, it is a great platform to share your ideas, thoughts and knowledge. 

In the digital age, our psychoanalyst is the data mining system that observes our click streams and figures out our thoughts, feelings, interests, passions, loved ones, our friends – all those out there in the digital atmosphere. The truth about us has yet to be realized.
With so much retweets and shares we start sinking into the content pan.
Now let’s flash the toilet and start thinking again....

Our mind is our private domain.
Sometimes we rule and hold the scepter; sometimes we are the slaves of our own mind's creation, our parents, environment, biology... whatever may be the case, the thoughts that we care about the most are almost always with us. We have "privileged access" to the contents of our minds.

The fact that we can now easily share our thoughts, by for example anonymous talk-backs, by creating a new identity in a second and become or make believe we are someone else, open a new play-ground. virtual worlds, is also a great example.
We are humans and everything we think and do is part of being a human being, but it is so much easier now than ever to observe the deeper side of humans. The freedom of existence now has a new meaning.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Is genieo really working for you?

I would like to thank Klint FinleyDan Gabriel and Daniel Durrant for joining the conversation on Quora about Genieo.
Thank you guys for sharing your honest experience with others. We hope to keep surprising you with the quality of news and social items that fits your personal interest in order to save you time and make it easier for you to catch up with your online world.

By using Genieo, I am saving time because it's a great reminder of the browsing that I did and anticipates future interests" by @gdan

"I can't imagine living without Genieo at this point. Everyday I find interesting stuff that I might have missed otherwise" by @klintron

"Genieo is straight forward and sorts out a lot of the dirty work associated with filtering RSS feeds" by @@ddrrnt

You are also welcome to join the conversation on Quora, it's never to late to share your love ;-)
Cheers and happy new year!


Saturday, January 1, 2011


What are some replacements for Google Reader?

My answer on Quora

Genieo is a super useful desktop application marks a new era in information consumption - "Mashup Personalization".

It's fully automatic newspaper styled homepage, featuring personalized news and information matched to the reader’s interests. Genieo identifies user interests based on browser activity, then it filter for you, your favorite news, blogs, videos, and even your Twitter and Facebook stream updates with zero management and where your information remains completely private. 

Genieo automatically identifies and constantly updates topics of interest – so the user doesn’t have to predefine his topics or set categories.
To do this, Genieo auto discovers RSS feeds (while the user browses the web) and ranks those sources based on his/her interests. 
Genieo then automatically manages those sources for the user (opt in/out from feeds) based on the individual changing interests. 

You are welcome to give it a try
If you are Quora users and have only Mac, please ping me I'll send you an personal invite to Genieo Alpha ver for Mac.