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Friday, September 17, 2010

New Version of Genieo Coming Soon [SCREENSHOTS]

Yes, we are all individuals, everybody uses the Web differently this is why we developed Genieo, an effortless, private and personal news engine.
Some sites are calling themselves personalized, when they are really just customizable or using smart collaboration filtering.
Genieo, for the first time, privacy and personalization are combined to bring content that is as dynamic as its users’ lives: connected, evolving, relevant – and private.  Genieo’s proprietary algorithms privately detects users’ intentions and attention and delivers interesting and relevant content like blogs, videos, Facebook links, Twitter feeds, or breaking news.  Genieo also automatically detects the difference between short-term interests like an apartment search, or a long-term interest like news of a specific sports team, favorite artist or even a local topic like school news. Genieo new approach to personalization, privacy and automated content aggregation is the best way to provide a personalized news stream for everyone.
Now, a new version of Genieo is on the way and it will feature a brand new user experience for sharing our daily interest.
This version of the app should be available for download on Genieo website soon.
I would like to share some of the screenshots of it with you so that you can see some of the new features.

For instance, check out the new ‘Auto Blogging Pages’. The feature will help us become a bloggers without any efforts, all based on behavioral principles. 

There are also a new features called “My day in Pictures” .

The app will be released in few weeks and in the meantime I’m sure you enjoy Genieo as it is today