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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Do we all turned into sheep and monkeys in the wild web zoo 2.0?

To be human at any level has changed.
The Web ecosystem places the individual's mind directly onto the human stage and now all individuals can collaborate, their private thoughts entering into the space of digital humanity. And now we can observe the behavioral madness that has always existed around us.

Our mind is our private domain. Sometimes we rule and hold the scepter; sometimes we are the slaves of our own mind's creation. Whatever may be the case, the thoughts that we care about the most are almost always with us. We have "privileged access" to the contents of our minds.
Web 2.0 procreate bloggers and more content on the wire, people shared their opinion, emotion, thoughts, we created haven for psychologists that used to only seen a glimpse of humanity; but now they can play in the sands of our minds throughout digital space. Nothing is virtual anymore. What was virtual has become part of our reality; part of who we are.
Social Networks has started a new revolution. Within a fraction of a second, everyone can reach out to many other minds in real time. On the digital stage in view of an online audience, we can create life and act our role. The pieces or parts of minds create the power of many and the net defeat history and can save our tracks forever.
But what’s next? We all want to be heard but do we really have something to say? I ask myself how often I retweet something I see, how often I Like and share vs. really spread my own ideas and perspectives? Does it really matter? how come most of us just increasing the noise, generate buzz and follow the flock as sheep instead of walk free as a wolf. Do we all just turned into lazy monkeys imitate other people in the wild web zoo 2.0 in order to feel our existence, to feel alive?

In the digital age, our psychoanalyst is the data mining system that observes our click streams and figures out our thoughts, feelings, interests, passions, loved ones, our friends – all those out there in the digital atmosphere. The truth about us has yet to be realized.
With so much retweets and shares we start sinking into the content pan.
Now let’s flash the toilet and start thinking again.

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