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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Art and Science of Revenue Glue

Most new ideas, however good, take some getting used to.
As a web content provider you know that coming up with great content, developing it as best as possible and launching it with the loudest hoo hah is unfortunately not enough for it work it's magic on the users.  Not immediately anyway.
Users take their time in getting used to new things, explore and understand their numerous yet not always upfront benefits, and in time develop a need for it… so even if you mange to get all the users possible to experience your content, you still have to have means to make them stick to it long enough in order to make them stay and pay.
Stickiness is revenue, and what you need is revenue glue.

Genieo can provide that for you.

According to our statistics, Genieo's personalization platform proves to be a very effective tool in increasing website stickiness. Users are attracted to personalized page content by sheer curiosity and the outstanding results provided by Genieo in form of automatically and accurately filtered web content according to users' specific individual interest seem to work wonders on visitors loyalty and recency as well as maintain low attrition rates.
Statistics show that over three quarters of users return to their Genieo personal Homepage, nearly half using it on a daily basis with an average user viewing time of 1.5 hours – this represents a watershed in terms of website stickiness.

These statistics were acquired using Google Analytics and are based on over 5,000 test case users who installed Genieo’s homepage.
Visitor loyalty stats show that the average user spent 1 hour and 27 minutes connected to their Genieo Homepage, and that in reference to the total amount of visits recorded - 76% of which were returning users while 24% were new visitors.

With respect to recency statistics (measuring the amount of time in between visits), 53% of Genieo users returned to their page on the same day for repeat use, 6.6% returned only once a day, 3.2% returned every two days and 2.6% every three days.  Just 24% visited their page only once.

During March 2010, attrition rate stats showed that only 35% of Genieo users left after the first or second use.  42% of current users are still visiting their page on a daily basis, even after multiple uses.  23.9% visited the site only once, 11% visited just twice, while 7.4% of current users have visited their page 9-14 times; 9% have visited 15-25 times, 10% have visited 51-100 times, and 6.3% have visited 101-200 times.

The nature of Genieo's personalized Homepage, as well as the fact that Genieo is a desktop application which continually updates users with content most important to them, make it become a significant part of their day to day internet experience. Statistics also show that users prefer Genieo’s Homepage to many other personalized homepages distributed by software companies.

So if you've got a new idea and you're looking for way to make it stick and so increase your revenues, Genieo is something you should look into...