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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chrome users – Welcome aboard!

Throughout the development of Genieo, our vision was to give people the option to think free. For me personally, Genieo has lived up to my expectations and made this vision as real as I have imagined it way back then.
Now our task is to make Genieo available to as many people as possible, and Chrome, being the 3rd most widely used web browser was high on our list.

Today, I'm proud to announce that we have launched a new version of Genieo which is fully compatible with the Chrome browser, and Chrome users are now welcome to join in the Genieo experience and open up to their world of information on this freeway of thinking.
So welcome aboard all Chrome users.
As of today you can have full and easy access to all the information of your personal interest. No more tedious search routines and complicated RSS management, no more having to remember where you saw this or that piece of interesting information, and how on earth to follow up on it…
As of today Genieo can do all of it for you and in a completely automatic environment which requires zero input from you. All you have to do is be there and enjoy it.
Genieo will automatically study your topics of interests and search the web for any specific information accordingly: News, articles, blogs, posts, follow-ups, real time events, and even items from your friends on Facebook and Twitter - all will be filtered according to your own specific individual interests and presented to you on a Homepage Generated especially for you.
Genieo will self register all the RSS feeds of your favorite sources and manage them continually, adapting throughout to your dynamic interests as the change and evolve and all at the highest resolution and level of accuracy.

And if you worry about privacy issues – well don't. Genieo is a desktop application, and as such it manages your entire private data on you own computer, no one has any form of access to it but you.

Now the next great thing is that this entire environment which is basically your personal world of information can be accessible to you from anywhere: over your iPhone, android and any preferred RSS reader of your choice from any computer in the world.

So all you have to do is go to Genieo web site and download the new version of Genieo. On our website you can also find much more information about Genieo and if you miss something then feel free to contact us through the website and you'll be answered shortly.

Well, now that you have it all – Spread your mind and Think Free!