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Saturday, April 17, 2010


The only and last feed you will ever add to your smart reader

How to add your personal Genieo feed 
to your favorite RSS reader

As the CEO of a young startup company I must keep up with market trends and follow any changes which may be of concern to the strategy of my company, as wise people would say: it's always better to know than to guess.

Genieo is the smart application I've always dreamed of.  With all the wealth of information available to me all around the web, I could actually use the help of a smart, automatic tool which can think ahead for me and predict what I want to know at any given time.

So I started up a company to help me realize this dream, and named it Genieo.
The Genieo application is designed to study my online behavior and automatically generate a start page based on all my favorite sources of information, tweets, blog posts of my Facebook friends, and any other information sources which match my current areas of interest.

Genieo analyzes my online behavior, and based on my individual choices, it creates specifically  for me, a list of sources from all my favorite news portals and other trusted sources (RSS feeds), knowing automatically which are my topics of interest, and accordingly digging and discovering the best stories for me. Genieo also follows the changes in my interests and automatically adjusts my list of sources, opting feeds in and out to match my relevant reading habits. Genieo will do all this for me and much more while maintaining complete privacy and requiring zero management.

People are so accustomed to do so much in order to get what they want, that I'm often being asked questions such as: how can I import my RSS list from my old RSS readers? or how do I add new RSS feeds to Genieo in order to take advantage of Genieo's smart personalization engine? And my reply is always: nothing. Genieo automatically finds, filters and organizes these for you. Unlike other readers that require you to add or remove RSS feeds and manually preset your favorite topics, with Genieo you don’t have to lift a finger. It simply does all this work for you with its fully automatic RSS management capabilities.
So with Genieo you do not ever have to manually manage your favorite list of sources.  

You can choose to use Genieo as your startpage or as a place you go to in order to catch up with your world. Even if you are an advanced user, using Feedly on other readers of your choice, you can still use Genieo to personalize your news stream. 
In this post I would like to share with you the Genieo experience and show you how to combine it with your favorite reader. 
So in order to take your Genieo personalization experience with you, follow the next steps and join this new revolution in terms of keeping up with your world. 

1. First download Genieo in order to see your digital reflection. To do so, click Here
2. Click on the Download green button and follow the instructions. 
3. The installation process takes around 20 min, at which time, Genieo analyzes your online behavior based on your browsing history on Chrome, FireFox and IE.
Don’t worry about any privacy issues. One of the great things about Genieo as a desktop application is that it keeps all your information encrypted on your local PC, so no one has any access to your private data, profiling information and such. 

4. After the installation is completed, you can use Genieo's start page as a window to your own personal world, or as I previously mentioned, you can take your personal Genieo experience to your favorite RSS reader. 
5. On your computer: Sign up to Genieo's web service by clicking on "Enable Genieo Web"

action will open an authentication page in which you can use your Facebook account login or register yourself to the service using your email account.

6. Create an account:

7. After creating an account you should see the following message:

8. Now, return to Genieo's Homepage and look for the RSS button on the side 
9. Click 
"Go to RSS page
10. Copy the HTTP link

or click on Subscribe to this feed in your favorite RSS reader (example: Feedly)

11. Another way to do it, is to open your Feedly page and add a new source:

12. Paste the RSS URL from step 10 as a new source in Feedly.
You can also add a new category for it as I did. I named mine "Genieo".

13. That's it! As of this moment Genieo is working for you in your favorite news reader.

You can also read stories that Genieo found for you in other Feedly categories.
I personally love reading my items on Genieo startpage; I think it's supper elegant!

Hope you will love using Genieo as a smart source manager in your favorite news reader. It does take off the hassle of adding and removing sources and filter items from all your favorite sources. It discovers new stories for you and saves lots of time in finding out what's important in your world. May it be the last feed you ever add to your RSS reader. One feed to win them all!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Speaking about Genieo startpage at Tel Aviv Pitch Slam (Innovate!2010)

Genieo - (no feedback) Tel Aviv Pitch Slam from Guidewire Group on Vimeo.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Genieo Launch at Demo Spring 2010

My Interview with Tim Reha at DEMO 2010

DEMO Spring 2010, Sol Tzvi, Co-Founder & CEO, Genieo - The most amazing videos are a click away