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Friday, February 5, 2010

Facebook and the Future of Free Thought - My Comment

Marshall Kirkpatrick has written on ReadWriteWeb entitled Facebook and the future of Free Thought‘ in which he explains the hard facts about news consumption. Then I read Chris Saad comment "Facebook and the future of News" The thoughtful post that Chris wrote just moved me as it seems that we share the same dream; a real personalized online experience, a digital place that will fit exactly to my needs and desired content based on my dynamic and changing interest and topics.

With this dream on the top of my mind I founded Genieo Innovation almost two years ago. I always hoped that the Personal Computer (PC) old concept will go through a revolutionary change and become a Personalized Computing. No matter which device you are using; Smart phones, Notebooks, iPAD, you name it. It should be simple, with less clicks and configurations, we should receive much-needed help getting things done. A smart tool that will learn what I want and when I want it and finally enable free form interaction.

I believe that we waited to realize the promise of personalization for too long, and now with Genieo, I hope that we can answer this promise with a very unique offering for the laymen users that want to join the "party" of an online personalized experience of their digital life without the need to manage a long list of RSS feeds or even to know what RSS is. For the advance users we offer a fully automatic way to keep up with their world and get simpler discovery and reader that doesn't based only on RSS feeds and doesn’t require to add or remove any of their sources, a reader that automatically adapt itself to their online behavior and interest.

Genieo develop the first fully automatic newspaper styled homepage, featuring personalized news and information matched to the reader’s interests.
Genieo is a desktop application that identifies user interests based on browser activity, then it filter for you, your favorite news, blogs, videos, and even your Twitter and Facebook stream updates with zero management and where your information remains completely private.
Genieo automatically identifies and constantly updates topics of interest – so the user doesn’t have to predefine his topics or set categories.
To do this, Genieo auto discovers RSS feeds (while the user browses the web) and ranks those sources based on his/her interests.
Genieo then automatically manages those sources for the user (opt in/out from feeds) based on the individual changing interests.

That's the first step for what I believe online users are going to experience in the future as a personalized web. Sorry if it sound like a sale pitch, but you just stepped into my world, my blog and my thoughts… You are more than welcome to give it a try