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Monday, November 16, 2009

Web 2.0, Human Nature, and Philosophy

My God, I thought, when the apostles themselves are rending their garments perhaps there’s good reason to question the religion’s main articles of faith.

To stay with the Biblical analogy, there is a Saint Thomas in this story. The doubting Thomas is Dennis Howlett, a highly regarded enterprise software expert who committed heresy in a widely-discussed blog post titled, “Enterprise 2.0: what a crock”.

 “Regardless of what you’re told by the Enterprise 2.0 mavens, business has far more pressing problems,” growled Howlett. “The world is NOT made up of knowledge driven businesses. It’s made up of a myriad of design, make and buy people who — quite frankly — don’t give a damn about the ‘emergent nature’ of enterprise…Like it or not, large enterprises — the big name brands — have to work in structures and hierarchies that most Enterprise 2.0 mavens ridicule but can’t come up with alternatives that make any sort of corporate sense. Therein lies the Big Lie. Enterprise 2.0 pre-supposes that you can upend hierarchies for the benefit of all.”

To read full article by Matthew Fraser, click HERE