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Saturday, November 21, 2009


Mind Creation

To be human at any level has changed.
The Web ecosystem places the individual's mind directly onto the human stage and now all individuals can collaborate, their private thoughts entering into the space of digital humanity. And now we can observe the behavioral madness that has always existed around us.

Our mind is our private domain.
Sometimes we rule and hold the scepter; sometimes we are the slaves of our own mind's creation. Whatever may be the case, the thoughts that we care about the most are almost always with us. We have "privileged access" to the contents of our minds.

Web 2.0 has started a new revolution. Within a fraction of a second, everyone can reach out to many other minds in real time. On the digital stage in view of an online audience, we can create life or commit suicide. The pieces or parts of minds create the power of many and the net defeat history like an endless stomach of the beast that can save our tracks forever.

Psychologists have only seen a glimpse of humanity; but now they can play in the sands of our minds throughout digital space. Nothing is virtual anymore. What was virtual has now become part of our reality; part of who we are.

We used to observe body language in order to help us understand. But what we physically saw was never enough to touch. We were always aware of the wires running beneath our skins. These threads were what made us who we were; they were what we had to control or change in order to become what we called a "better" person. Now we are naked and finally we understand that this is the best suit and that it fits all of us.

Our lies, truths, beliefs, feelings – everything that makes us who we are – we can now throw away and walk naked for all to see us as we really are.

In the digital age, our psychoanalyst is the data mining system that observes our click streams and figures out our thoughts, feelings, interests, passions, loved ones, our friends – all those out there in the digital atmosphere. The truth about us has yet to be realized.

There has never been a greater time to be a human being.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Steve Ballmer laughs at Google's Chrome OS

Monday, November 16, 2009


Web 2.0, Human Nature, and Philosophy

My God, I thought, when the apostles themselves are rending their garments perhaps there’s good reason to question the religion’s main articles of faith.

To stay with the Biblical analogy, there is a Saint Thomas in this story. The doubting Thomas is Dennis Howlett, a highly regarded enterprise software expert who committed heresy in a widely-discussed blog post titled, “Enterprise 2.0: what a crock”.

 “Regardless of what you’re told by the Enterprise 2.0 mavens, business has far more pressing problems,” growled Howlett. “The world is NOT made up of knowledge driven businesses. It’s made up of a myriad of design, make and buy people who — quite frankly — don’t give a damn about the ‘emergent nature’ of enterprise…Like it or not, large enterprises — the big name brands — have to work in structures and hierarchies that most Enterprise 2.0 mavens ridicule but can’t come up with alternatives that make any sort of corporate sense. Therein lies the Big Lie. Enterprise 2.0 pre-supposes that you can upend hierarchies for the benefit of all.”

To read full article by Matthew Fraser, click HERE

The "Iterate Fast and Release Often" Philosophy of Entrepreneurship.

If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late...
The world of entrepreneurship is well-known for being fast-paced.  First movers have an advantage, but so do those who simply build a better product.  Entrepreneurs constantly struggle between taking more time to improve their product for the customer and launching new features out before the competition beats them to the punch. 

Click HERE to read full article by Ben Parr  (Mashable)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Google brings traffic ?

"The traffic which comes in from Google brings a consumer who more often than not read one article and then leaves the site. That is the least valuable of traffic to us… the economic impact [of not having content indexed by Google] is not as great as you might think. You can survive without it.” Jonathan Miller, chief digital officer of News Corp."
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Whose Privacy Policy

Behavioral Insider: privacy relationship with users.
Watch the video

Genieo Innovation has announced it has raised $3 million in Series A

Genieo Innovation Ltd. has announced it has raised $3 million in Series A financing from leading private investors.
The company is developing a generic personalization framework which will enable providers to offer customers tailor made services while keeping their privacy secure.
Genieo innovation's technology uses proprietary algorithms to process user behaviors, interests and preferences, extracted from any platform (PC, mobile device, internet etc), and creates automatically a unified personal profile.

Our first product, Genieo, creates a dynamic personal content portal (A start page). Genieo is a desktop application which automatically generates a personal start page with relevant content and ad hock personalized news widgets. "we simplify complex technology to the end users" says miss Sol Tzvi founder and the CEO of Genieo Innovation, "imagine that your personal assistant read ahead all the news papers and digital sources that you like and manages all relevant articles in one page, in order to do that she will need to fairly guess what's on your mind each day and highlight all articles from your trusted sources based on your interest that change from time to time. This is what Genieo does for you, it maps your friend's blogs and twitters and brings to you only the items that relevant to your topic of interest at that moment without asking the user to rank or manage anything. We discover new feeds and opt you in or out automatically based on your intention or attention at any given moment".

Unlike other start pages, Genieo doesn't use predefined topics. Instead it auto generates a set of micro topics, based on the user's areas of interest and change it dynamically as you change your focus of interest. Unlike any other personalization technology and solutions that learns your behavior on the server side, Genieo does not share or send out any personal data, its entire mapping and profiling process is performed solely on the client side. Genieo also respects secure content and automatically disables itself once a user navigates to secure sites or read his emails.

In Genieo Innovation, we put the user's privacy concern on the top of our minds, we took on our self the goal to be an example to others and to show the world that personalization doesn’t mean that users has to give up on their privacy in order to enjoy the great benefits of a behavioral technologies.

Founded in the second half of 2008, Genieo's headquarter and dev center are located in the heart of the hi-tech industry area at Herzelyia, Israel.

Only 100 invitations left! Genieo - Private Alpha

Next week are going to expand our alpha group to additional 100 users.
Be among the first to try it out. Register on our web site! Genieo is a personalized news stream client side application that learns your online behavior.
It will automatically manage all your trusted sources such as Twitter, Facebook and your favorite portals.